Tuesday, November 14, 2006

This blow-up tube was given to us from my aunt Shannon (it makes it extra safe) when Liv was a baby. She loved loved loved it! Even when it wasn't tub time she wanted to be in it. She'd drag it out of the tub and into the front room & play in it for hours. It was a hoot & a sad day when she had out grown it. When we pulled it out for Gary Liv was ecstatic, but doesn't understand that she's too big for it. But watching Gary play in it this morning was such a blast! He loves tub time! It took him awhile to understand balance enough to sit, but he finally has. This graduated him to the blow-up tub & just in time (his legs were hanging over the edges of the lay-down blue kind). He loves splashing and splashing. When it's time to get out he throws a real big fit. Luckily, it's right before nap time, so he falls right to sleep after a bottle is in his mouth!

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Sheena said...

I have to have one of those blow up tubs. Do you know where you can find one of those?