Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tonight I hosted a Pampered Chef party at my place. I had a good ol' time with old & new friends, thanks to those that came it was fun. Half way through the show I was like... where's my camera, I need to get pictures! Then I decided that maybe it wasn't such a big deal to take photos of this event. I hosted it because one of my best friends sister asked me if I'd like to. I've known her my whole life (here name is Melissa [Mellen] Burrow) how could I say no! If anyone wants to order something feel free to go to her web site and if you put down my name as the host (or something like that) then your purchase will go towards my party & that'd help me out! Anyways, it was a real good night! Since I didn't take photos of the party I decided to post this random picture of Liv and me!

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