Thursday, November 16, 2006

Gma's Birthday

When I finished scrapbooking last night I ran into a familiar face. It was the mother of a friend of mine from junior high. I asked how the friend was doing & found out that she was killed in a motorcycle less than a month ago. I was dumbfounded... definitely not expecting that. I quickly said I was sorry, but felt like I should share some great wisdom that I have learned from the loss of my mom... something to ease her pain & comfort her soul. Although, what I have learned most from grieving is that everyone is different. The situation, relationship, etc or all different, so what has helped me won't, necessarily, heal another.

On an up note... It was my grandma Betty's Birthday! Don't ask me how old she is, though, cause I have no idea (I quit keeping track a long time ago :))

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