Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Since the big shopping day is coming up I have decided to post our family's Santa letters so loved ones know what we'd like...

Olivia & Gary are easy enough, mostly any toys. Olivia is really into anything Dora or Blue's Clues. On her wish list especially is this aquadoodle barn animals pad that makes animal noises, this fridge phonics magnetic, and laugh & learn puppy. Gary would love the discovery cube, playskool ball popper, and fisher price ocean wonders aquarium.

For Todd he'd mostly like Sheetrock delivered to our basement, but I think a gift card to Lowes would do just fine. He'd also like a weedeater and the XBOX360 game Gears of War.

As for me, I have a long list... what can I say, I'm a ! I'm really into the Quickutz die tool right now so here's my wants from that area: apple RS-0579, books KS-0246 & KS-0453, campfire KS-0051, crayon RS-0100, daisy RS-0015, flower doodads RS-0349, football helmet RS-0146, football RS-0141, footprint RS-0504, frog KS-0572, joy KS-0481, kokopelli RS-0054, love KS-0509, male female KS-0539, mugs KS-0592, night RS-0029, present KS-0055, pumpkin KS-0385, putting green KS-0366, snowflake RS-0214, sparkle RS-0513, speech bubble RS-0543, stocking KS-0478, treat bag KS-0257, utensils RS-0507, wish KS-0495... and alphabets called: Olivia, Calvin, Moxie, Daisy, and Maggie. By the way if you're going to get some of those go to the scrapbook store called Treasured Memories on the corner of 3300 s and 1200 w, my friends there have the quickutz on sale for 30% off! I would also like a new violin case and Natasha Beddingfield (or ford, something like that), Jack Johnson, Narls Barcley CDs. That's it for now... I know a lot!

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