Sunday, November 19, 2006

Last night we went to a Child's Play Birthday Party for our friend Melissa Huff (Cory's wife). It was a lot of fun... we played brutal musical chairs, pin the tail on the donkey w/ some crazy spinning action, a very close game of Catch Phrase, and Pinata baseball.
So I'll expand on that last one... We started the traditional way: pinata on string, move it up and down, so on. Cory ruined that by breaking the string with the first swing of the game! Then Todd brought in some phone wire to replace the string. That held real well, but the pinata wouldn't break and eventually the wire tore through. Then we were at a loss, so the guys decided to pitch it & that started the baseball. Of course, by then the broom we'd been using had had enough so they used a bar from the exercise equipment & made short work of the pinata! What fun! I was so disappointed in myself for forgetting my camera... can you imagine, me without a camera!
Since today is Sunday it's all about the football! At the moment my team, Seahawks, is down so we won't talk too much about them for now! But soon my house will have an additional two teenage boys & I won't be able to play on the computer anymore, because they will be monitering their fantasy teams... although Todd is not so happy right now since three of his fantasy stars are hurt. What a day!

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