Sunday, March 11, 2007

Another Beauty

I finished this one today, no it's not my own design... I wish it was cause it's absolutely gorgeous, but it's not. I am very grateful for the genious mind that did think it up, though! Anyways, this one is for my aunt Shannon, special order. It's the second time I've done this pattern & people just love it! I love it too, it's very elegant but for a baby... very classy!

I've been having a real hard time crocheting lately. I'm overwhelmed with the possiblities. I guess since what I saw my mom do was blankets and a couple sweater jackets that's all I thought could be done (oh & doilies). But now I've learned of this whole crocheting community that does all sorts of other fun stuff... I mean, even more than just stuffed animals. It's amazing & it gets me all anxious to expand my capabilities. Then again I have so much going on tha twhen I do start leaning something new, if it doesn't go smoothly I just toss it aside. I don't so much like that idea either... it's like I'm running around in circles. I've come to realize that I have a whole lot of life ahead of me to learn new stuff, I don't have to learn and conquer it all in a day or a week. Right!? For now I'm going to enjoy the beautiful baby blankets I can create and work on the blanket of my own designing & be content with that... for now!


Julie P said...

Wow! It's really beautiful and elegant. From the photos it looks super soft, too. You're really talented to even think about designing one of your own.

Fantastic Five said...

WOW! It's so elegant and intricate. Great job!

liss said...

it's still amazing how beautiful your work, and how quickly you do it. i understand about the going around in circles thing, but i think it's more that life is like a spiral, so we go in circles but we do go up.