Wednesday, March 28, 2007

HONK jr.

Tonight was opening night for the play Honk Jr. at Kennedy Jr. High here in the valley. My totally awesome little brother, Aaron, had a lead role in this cast as the dad, Drake, of Honk (aka the ugly duckling)! I was very impressed in the talent that he has been hiding from us. I mean, he sang a solo... wow! Overall the play was okay, what really stank was the crapy microphones the school had. The kids put a lot of work into their performances and sang very well but the mic.s kept altering their voices or cutting out during their parts... no good. Nonetheless, Gary was really into the whole play! The first applause scared him big time, he leaped right out of his seat and into my arms. But after that he was so excited about what was going on on stage! Liv was never like that, she'd get real bored and want to walk all around... it made watching plays and concerts real frustrating. Glad to say, though, Liv sat on her Grandpa Larry's lap through the whole play and would say "There's Aaron!" whenever he came on stage! Lots of fun!


liss said...

your page looks awesome! and that's a great picture of Gary! such a fun story, thanks for sharing.

Abby said...

This is great info to know.