Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday Spotlight

This is my fabulous daughter Liv! She is just over 2 and a half & wows me everday with how well she's learning. Now I know that it's common to hear this from kids when they're learning to count, but I got such a kick when Liv did it...
I was getting ready in the bathroom when she walked in and said, "I love you mommy!" I replied, "I love you too!" Then she said, "I love you THREE!" So fun!!!


Suzanne said...

How sweet! Your daughter is adorable.

I love your crocheted blankets! I can crochet around baby burp cloths, but that's just about all I can do. It really is a dying art. You must have spent many hours getting both done!

tami and todd said...

Thanks Suzanne! It really did take a lot of hours to get those two done. Hey if you can crochet around a blanket you can make a whole blanket you've already learned the basic stitches, just get a pattern, different yarn, and a bigger hook... you can do it!!!