Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Gorgeous Day!

Today was the ideal weather day (at least for me)... Absolutely Gorgeous! Cool breeze, bright warm sun, the sounds of birds, children at play, and yard work being done outside my window. Absolutely fabulous! Of course that meant the kids wanted to be outside all day. That was frustrating for me since I'm trying to finish two blankets by Saturday (proud to say that I did complelte one today... pictures to be posted later). But I needed to be outside with the kids since poor little Gary wants to do everything his big sister does, but he still doesn't have the walking down, or the fact that an edge means you can fall... so outside I was for the majority of the day! It is so much better than making snowmen, as fun as that is, though! Please, please, please stay Spring!
On the other hand, though... My sweet aunt Shannon Cook is coming up for a girl's weekend getaway to Park City... so I don't care what the weathers like! Besides my cousin, Jessica, loves it when it snows while she's here (they're coming from Texas). I'll never forget when she was quite a bit younger she was real anxious to see snow while she was here. Towards the end of there visit the good weather was interrupted with an odd snowstorm (which is now more common than you'd think)... that morning she said "God made it snow just for ME!" So cute!

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