Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Quick Ripple

I've been meaning to post these latest creations, happy to say they both only took me a couple weeks! I needed a real quick pattern because I learned (in short advance for making blankets) only a couple weeks before that my cousin, Stephanie (who's having twins), was flying in from Philadelphia for a baby shower visit. So I jumped right into gear, found this nice and easy ripple baby afghan, and got to work! Happy to say I had the white one finished for the shower & the blue one done the day after the shower so I was still able to give it to her before she left, YAY! I would also like to take this moment to say how grateful I am that I haven't ever had twins... that my kids came one at a time. As for Steph, as her aunt said at her shower "Heavenly Father knew she'd only be able to do this once (it was quite difficult for her to get pregnant) so he twice blessed her!"


Fantastic Five said...

Beautiful as always! You are so talented.

liss said...

ooh, so pretty! I'm sure that she and her children will always love them. I have this kitchen apron that's upside-down but because my great-grandmother made it for me it's special, these will be special to them . . . lucky them.

KellyNello said...

Beautiful! I am a crochet lady myself.... Love the ripple pattern!