Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Cruise

It's been one heck of a weekend! We actually got back late Monday night, but I had to take all of yesterday to recover & return to the regular routine. But I'm feeling much more in the swing of things (except for the "sways" that are lingering). So I'll give ya the quick run down & then I want to go check up on my blogger friends....
Early, like 4am early, we headed to the airport where we met up with Todd's work buddies & headed to Long Beach, California. We spent the first half of the day, after breakfast, wandering around town on foot looking for the liquor store. Todd & I don't drink but the vast majority of the group does, so they wanted to save a load of money by bringing their own alcohol on board. Little did I know that this would be the first of many walking adventures we'd have throughout the trip. Turns out my flat flip flops were NOT the right shoes to wear, surprise surprise ;)
Between the early rise & the motion of the ship after we took off it
turned out to be an early night for the lot of us. That was okay
cause in the morning we had arrived at Ensenada, Mexico. That place was not pretty at all. I was up when the sun rose, the nasty
haze made for a beautiful sunset, though!
Todd and I decided to take a tour bus to the blow hole... I wouldn't say it's better than the ones we say in Hawaii. What we really went there for was the shops. It was Todd's first time haggling... I'm not so sure I'd ever take him to a bizarre again. The salesman would give him a price he'd think yes or no... just like in the states the price is what you get. No, honey, that's not how it is. They mark it way up & you mark it way down & meet in the middle. Then we'd be walking & someone would say "come see what I have" & he'd say "okay" then my hubby would disappear. But he was a quick study & improved, so maybe next time.
The next day was "fun at sea". The group got drunk... we hung out and played for awhile then tried to find something else to do. Turns out that Carnival really has only one focus cause there wasn't much else to do on the ship but drink.
Then we returned back to the states. We got of the ship real quick then headed to Huntington Beach. It was an absolutely GORGEOUS day! We got some food, did a teeny bit of shopping (since we were well spent by then), then headed to the beach to meet up with the group. The water was super cold, but the day was so enjoyable. & my honey found me a Sand Dollar intact! It was awesome! By this time, though, we missed our kids & imagined how fun it would be to have them playing on the beach with us... so we were ready to be home. Good times, though!


Suzanne said...

It sounds like you had a fantastic time! :D

Fantastic Five said...

Wow! What a great time. I've heard the same thing about Carnival, and people tell me "all the alcohol is the reason they are they are the 'party' ship cruise line."

Julie P said...

Oh my gosh FUN TRIP. You were so lucky to get away!!

Heather said...

I'm glad you had fun!

liss said...

i hope the sways have finally ended. i particularly like the pic of you in the water, that's the same face liv makes when she's not sure why she's doing something (you could look for a pic of your mom and see if it's hereditary . . .hee hee hee)