Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Weekend at Park City

Sorry I've been away for a while, I've still been in vacation mode. To save my sanity my sweet Aunt Shannon Cook flew up from her home in Texas for a s weekend in Park City, Utah. She rented out a nice little condo that provided a lot of room for all of us, which included my Grandma Betty, Shannon's good friend from high school, Melanie Peterson, Shannon's daughter... my cousin Jessica & my two little brothers (those three were inseparable for the time of the visit). It was great to be surrounded by women who are so fun & care about me so much. We would get laughing real hard sometimes, how healthy is that! And we did shopping, of course! The outlet stores were right across the street from the condo so I spent more money there than planned! That's okay though, right! Shannon is real into making beaded jewelry, and very talented at it, so she instructed us (the s) how to make a "fringe bracelet"... more on that one when I finish it. I really really like it so far it's real pretty & fun! On Saturday we met up with the kids & my dad at a tubing place just off of the Jeremy's Ranch exit. I took Liv down once (of course, like good parents, Todd and I had not prepared the kids at all for play in the snow. Gary didn't even have shoes on cause we couldn't find them. Although, to our credit we didn't know we were going there when we left... hehe). Liv LOVED going down the big hill, she said "Weeeee!" all the way down! I was so proud of my little ! I went down once with the teens, that was fun to go down three at once! My favorite part, though, was definitely the ride up... NO WALKING UP HILL! Yay! That's always the worst part of sledding I think you all would agree! The last day I had the family over to my place for a yummy dinner! It was hard to let Shannon go, she really does help feel the hole that was created when my mom passed away. They have a lot in common, and when Shannon laughed it sounded like my mom... good stuff for my heart to have around! Thank heavens for phones & I look forward to Shannon's next visit!!


Ryan Velting said...

I very much agree - walking back up the hill= pain in the butt.. Especially as a kid. All bundled up by your parents to prevent frostbite with big had, scarf, mittens, puffy jacket and snowpants, and of course (at least in my day) MOONBOOTS!!! So hard to walk around in those things!

tami and todd said...

Hey Ryan! I am so glad to hear from you, I've missed your comments so much. I know it's been a rough month(s) but I'm happy your feeling better again! Yay!