Monday, March 12, 2007

Pretty Beads from Jodie

Check out these lovely beads that I just got from Jodie Marshall. I had seen this style elsewhere, but wasn't up for the search to find something just like what I wanted. So I wrote my dear blogger friend to see how she felt about it, she accepted the challenge & now look what I have! I am so Happy (cheesy smile). I am very appreciative for her. She's been real encouraging in my endevors to learn the art of glass bead making. It is something I really want to learn to do, but as you can tell from my last e-mail I'm a bit overwhelmed at the minute, so I'm saving up money until I can get all I need to get started... then I will be ready to make my own custom beads!
Make sure you all check out Jodie at her blog or where her beads are for sale on Etsy!

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