Monday, June 25, 2007

Be-lated Sunday Spotlight

This last Saturday was Nate's Birthday, I got all caught up in the fun of getting my bead making tools that I forgot to publicly recognize this special little brother of me. Of course he's not really little, he's much taller than me now days (which is easy since I'm 5'0 tall!) But he's still only 17 now, and will always be my Little Brother! Well, I'm pretty darn proud of this dashing young man! He is so musical that it blows me away, we even gave him Guitar Hero II for his birthday & that was a hoot! He's made excellent decisions, has a special someone that he's not too serious with yet, and gets fabulous grades. He's on the high school golf team which means him and our other brother go golfing almost every day to keep in shape! It's hot out there to be doing so much work I think! I have enjoyed getting to know this boy & will forever love the special friendship we have!


Suzanne said...

I love "big" little brothers. I have 3 of them! Isn't it fun to watch them grow up? :D

tami and todd said...

Suzanne - I know you do, I enjoyed reading your posts about your brother going on his mission since I'll be experiencing that before I know it!