Monday, June 11, 2007

Meet Minnie

I brought home a surprise Saturday afternoon. I went to Walmart, a nice innocent trip to buy my little brother's birthday present. Outside the building was a nice family giving away kittens for free. There were two gray ones and then this beauty, a Siamese blend blue-eyed little girl! Just what I wanted. Todd doesn't like cats, so for the last four years I've slowly been warming him up to the idea of owning a house cat. See I grew up with all sorts of cats. One time Laura and I sat on our deck and counted thirty cats... yeah we were crazy and they weren't all ours, we just fed them all. Anyways, I couldn't resist this little kitten, so I brought her home. The kids love love love her. Gary is such a boy, he's always trying to pull it's tail and such, but he's learning real quick what "soft" means! Liv named her Minnie, like Minnie the Mouse. Eventually Todd adjusted to the idea & now we're a happy little family with a dog, a cat, and a guinea pig. Wow, maybe we're nuts, but I sure love it!

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Fantastic Five said...

Awww she is so cute. I love her blue eyes.