Saturday, June 16, 2007

What Happiness Is

So, I've been talking to my friend, Ryan, about happiness and I've finally decided what my definition of happiness is... Never loosing anything! Always knowing where your things are and never loosing them in any sense of the word... not death, not can't find them, not spent, none of that! Why has this been brought about as my definition, you may wonder? Well, let's just say I've lost my wallet for the last time. I bought something and had it then on Wednesday & the next day I went to go to work & couldn't find it anywhere. I have torn this town apart & it isn't here anymore. It has disappeared off this plane of existence. It's not even stolen, plane and simple. I've been viewing my bank account & no expenses accrued. So frustrating! So between loosing my wallet and my keys over and over again I am officially frustrated with my brain & so have determined that Happiness is Never Loosing Anything!


Suzanne said...

Isn't that the truth? I'm considering having my car keys permanently attached to my body! ;) I once left my Day Planner at a store and didn't even remember that I'd left it for 2 days when the store called me to return it. Sad...very sad. So I feel your pain!

Suzanne said...
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