Friday, June 22, 2007

West Fest

A West Valley tradition has become a firm memory in my life. I remember learning to "OOH" and "AHH" during fireworks while lieing on the high school lawn looking up at the large sparkles as a child. The booth we did for the boy scouts that involved a kid-sized swimming pool in our garage full of splashing gold fish (plus, the many gold fish I won from the same booth before and after that year). And, like my pretty little girl to the right, the princess crowns I'd get every year with there flowing ribbon! So it was real special for me to take my kids to this significant, for me, event. Besides the smoldering heat, it was a wonderful experience! We were there, first of all, to watch my sweet brother, Nate, and the Granite Youth Symphony perform. Gary spotted the balloons right off & was fascinated with them, as long as they weren't tied on his arm... we donated a few to the air last night! It was such a blast!

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