Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Traffic Jam

So, my husband doesn't really work... he drives cars and golf balls all day, then comes home and tells me how rough it is ;) Not really, but SWD Construction just had a grand opening weekend to promote the new subdivision so one of the investors allowed his collection of antique cars to be on display for the event. It took four days to haul all of them in & will take four more days to haul them back, so that's what Todd's been up to, loading these antique babies onto the semi trailor. Anyways, so Monday morning I hauled the kids out there so they could check them out. People were still coming to gauck at the cars, and it's insane that it's just one man's collection... how do I get that much money?? It was real fun, the kids thought it was so cool... especially Gary, he's boy through and through. Liv's favorite car was, of course, the purple one. Mine was the 1929 Ford... if I'm going antique I'm going real old!

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