Thursday, June 21, 2007

Splash Splash

I guess I'm just not used to raising a boy yet, cause it seems like every time I turn around this little rascal is getting into something else. So this morning I put an unfinished bowl of cereal on the floor for the kitty to drink up the milk. Then I got on the net to check up on everyone & other stuff. It wasn't too long afterwards that I heard the splash-splashing sounds & my brain made the connections. I got there quick, but it was too late, the milk was all over... all over Gary, the floor, the cupboards... ALL OVER! Of course, Gary just smiled up at me has he always does when I catch him in the act. Good Grief!! Although, I love these "mom moments"... just don't tell the kids or they'll really think it's okay! So I just laugh & grab my camera, mostly for black mail for the teen years "See what I put up with" I'll tell him!

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