Monday, June 11, 2007

Look What I Can Do!

I was so exstatic when I got the phone call last week from The Beaded Puma that someone canceled their spot in their glass bead making class and I was welcome to fill it! Since my aunt got me into jewelry I have been fascinated with these lampwork glass beads. Since I've gotten into this blogging I have met several people who are extremely talented at making these. So, of course, that meant I had to learn how to do it! Now I can say "I know how to make glass beads!" I am so excited about developing this skill (and how to take good pictures of them, clearly). The bad thing is the money to buy all the toys to create such beauties, so I have to save up. It's tough cause I'm getting all these ideas in my head, but can't try them out. Plus, I want to go hang out and create next to them. I am very visual and feel like there is so much to learn, our teacher just kept saying "it's that easy, everything is created from dots and lines" hmmm... well, I've been looking around & it doesn't look "that easy" maybe if I had my torch and glass & could just give it a try right away... anyways, now I'm just rambling my thoughts. The bottom line is YAY! I can make glass beads!


Fantastic Five said...

It's beautiful. Isn't amazing how hobbies magically become expensive?

Suzanne said...

Ooh, I love making bead bracelets, but I'm not very adventurous so I'm content with buying the beads at the craft store. Have so much fun getting to make them! :D