Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sunday Spotlight

I feel bad that I didn't spotlight my dad on his birthday last week, so I'm making sure to do so this Sunday... This man is absolutely wonderful! I am so grateful that I was raised by him. Unfortunately, we can be so much alike that we but heads and things get rough, but he's never stopped loving me! He taught me most of the values that I feel are most important: respect in all things, discipline in one's self, smart financing, confidence, charity, family, following the Lord's Gospel, and enjoying life with those you love. I was so frustrated growing up, mostly when I hit those stupid teenage years, and argued with my dad... I can't recall a single topic, but it seems like it became a regular thing. I really regret all of those moments, my life was so easy... my dad provided me the opportunity never to have to work during my high school years, and even paid for things during my college years (until I got married). Mostly I was spoiled rotten & I guess I acted that way. Nonetheless, I am so grateful for this man and all that he provided me and still does for me. I absolutely adore him when he plays with my kids (probably since I can't recall playing with him when I was two & imagine that this is just how it was). Him and Liv are such buddies & I imagine that him and Gary will be just the same! Thanks Dad, I love you & Happy Be-lated Birthday, and Happy Up-coming Father's Day!


Suzanne said...

What a nice tribute! I don't know of anyone that got along really well with their parents when they were teenagers! LOL! :)

Sue said...

Aw. What wonderful words! Beautiful.

As for the pics on my blog - its a paper backdrop roll - so seamless. I didn't get a a very wide roll, but it works fine for me :) I do have one muslin background, but its all painted different colors of brown. This paper is cool - I got two other colors two and I can't wait to try them out!

Have a great weekend :)