Monday, July 23, 2007

East Canyon Getaway

I've finally gotten pictures all together & edited so I can share with you all the fun time that we had at East Canyon (which is up a canyon before you get to Park City, Utah). This is one of my all time favorite traditions ever! I'm not sure when my grandparents first got the time share, but I can't remember a year we didn't go to the mountain condo! This year was just as fun as always... My brothers and I headed up Friday night, I left the kids with Todd (my night off)! I had a really good time just hanging out with the boys. We had some good chats, I got Nate hooked on Twilight, we played games, & laughed a whole lot! Then I brought the rest of the family up Saturday. Of course I had to stop by the bookstore first since I got Nate into the book I was reading and Harry Potter came out which Aaron loves to read! My kids are so fun to watch explore the outdoors & my dad is their favorite buddy. We went on a nature walk, ran through the fountains (Liv was scared of them first, but warmed up after watching Gpa run through them laughing all the way), went swimming (it's no fair my little brothers are bigger then me... I had to beg for air sometimes... and I know they'll never grow out of it since my dad pulled in his little sister, Kim, too), played games with the family, ate dinner, then dragged our tired kids home! It was great! The rest of the family stayed up for another day or two, but we were worn out... kids is so much work, but their expressions are so worth it!


Sensational Six said...

Sounds like a fun trip!!

Tyler & Sheena said...

Ah, the east canyon trip. I always hated when summer came because you were never home because you always had so many fun family outings.