Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pioneer Day

Tuesday was Pioneer Day here in Utah... the day that Utah became a state and we celebrate those brave pioneers that withstood the weather and other trials to escape religious persecution. Mostly, another day to do fireworks! We had a great time watching our own little show this time since the kids, mostly Gary boy, had time to warm up to the sparks and noise after independence day! We had bought some drag racers, small tanks, and one giant tank. Gary thought those were so cool and liked to play with them like cars. It's almost impossible to forget that in ten plus years he'll have that same giddy smile on his face but for totally different reasons... I know I can't escape the boy's need to blow up stuff! Liv loved the sparklers and the Hula Girl firework that we let her pick out. And I just had to post that last picture since I am so grateful that I finally have a camera that can take this sort of picture... on purpose, when I choose! It was a good celebration thanks to my brothers and their pyrotechnics, good food, good family, and good friends! Happy Birthday Utah!

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Suzanne said...

Kids are so darling with fireworks! I'm glad you had a nice day with your family. I will miss getting to meet you at the blogfest tomorrow. Good luck with your campout! :)