Friday, July 13, 2007

I Like Being 23!

Another birthday has come and gone, and it sure was a good one! My family did a really good job at making me feel extra special on such an occasion! A bunch of us gathered together at The Training Table, my choice... when my Grandma Norma called to ask if I'd like to be taken out for lunch on my birthday I knew right away where I wanted to go since I had been craving their turkey and bacon sandwich! So Grandma and Grandpa gathered together with me, my kids, Grandma Betty, Kim, Khaled, and my dad for a crazy and yummy lunch! After Todd got off work he brought home a cake and ice cream... all chocolate, of course! My dad and brothers came over & we had our own little celebration. I was very spoiled... the guys gave me a video ipod! Yay! And Todd totally broke the bank by buying me the Cannon Rebel! Remember the whole orange juice-mom moment? Well, it's really been a pain since then to borrow my brother's camera or use my old, stupid, slow, grr one. So Todd decided that this is what I needed most! I was so overwhelmed by these gifts, it was a real humbling moment. I have been going through a picked-on feeling phase & good grief, could this not prove me all wrong. I can't believe that I was so spoiled all day... surrounded by family & feeling so loved, what a PERFECT BIRTHDAY!


Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday! It looks like you got some fun things and how nice to get to celebrate with your family at the Training Table. I love bacon on any of their sandwiches! :)

blueyes_crochet said...

Happy Birthday, have fun with your new toys!

Heather said...

Hey, Happy Birthday! I saw your ticker for your "Texas Escape" are you going to come see me? If it's less than a two hour drive I'll even come to where you are to meet ya'!