Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sunday Spotlight

So, I LOVE MUSIC! It has always been there for me... through the good and the bad! My true friend forever and ever, if anyone can stick with me through my bad singing they are devoted... trust me! So, I loved this movie, I thought it was really cute. At one point Drew Barrymore's character says:
"The melody is seeing someone for the first time, it's the physical attraction, sex. But then, when you get to know the person that's the lyrics, it's their story, who they are underneath. It's the combo that makes it magic."
It's so true. The melody gets your toe tapping, gets that tune stuck in you head all day. But as you learn the lyrics you fall in love, or decide to be just friends (as my little brother, Aaron, put it). Everyone can find a song to fit their mood, and no one can say that they don't like music... that'd just be weird. My favorite songs of all time are Drops of Jupiter by Train and Ocean by Blue October, and that's being very specific or else it'd be a real long list! I'd love to hear your guys' favorite songs, too... I think they can tell you a lot about a person.

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Suzanne said...

Fun post!

My all-time favorite song is With or Without you by U2. My current favorite songs are Little Wonders by Rob Thomas and Starlight by Muse.

I like Blue October too, but I can't listen to them for too long or I start to get depressed. LOL! :D