Monday, July 30, 2007

Spring Beads

I've been busy working on my dots... I decided I'd try to learn the nature of stringers through doing something I'm more familiar with & then try lines and other stringer decorations! More other goal was to match the sizes, so that the bead set would be the same size. I was real proud that, except for a few, they are all about the same... YAY! These'll be heading down to Texas shortly so my aunt can have a shot at turning my work into a nice piece of jewelry! The more I learn and conquer the technical parts of this trait the more excited I get to make more. These are so beautiful yet, but I'm on my way!


Suzanne said...

You really have a talent with this, Tami! I'm sad you weren't able to come to Blogfest, but hopefully we'll get to do another one eventually. How did your ward campout go?

Sue said...

If I only had the timE! That is pretty cool :) Really interesting beads too :)