Monday, July 9, 2007

Independence Day LO

I'm working on balancing out my hobbies, so I've been working on some scrapbooking lately! Here's my Fourth of July Parade layout, I like it lots! I just have to comment that I'm falling in love with digital scrapbooking! I never thought I would, but the ease of it is so convenient! I don't have to haul all my crap out of my son's room into the front room to get pages done & I don't have to wait until the kids are asleep (cause they always get into the stuff when they are around). So nice!


Amy's Zoo said...

They look great! I totally don't understand the concept of digi scrapping. I don't get how it works at all. And, do you print off 12 x 12 pages and put them in books? Very curious about this!

tami and todd said...

I was really not into digital scrapbooking, I thought it was so lame... but I'm working on this book for my mother in law & thought it was the perfect opportunity to try out digi (since I already do five scrapbooks). Turns out I love it! So, to answer your question, amy, you can pring on 12x12 even! The 12x12 printer is getting more affordable & that's real exciting! The down side is that printed pictures (or pages) won't last as long as your chemically treated photos on acid-free paper, and so on. But, then again, the life depends, also, on how you care for your books... where/how you store them, light, temp, etc.

Heather said...

Wow, your kids are getting SO big!