Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Getting My Butt Kicked

Stringers are kicking my butt! You might think I'm kidding, but really I'm not. FYI - stringers are just like the glass rods but thinner for more detailed design on the glass. I read up on them before I got involved, and was told to not place the stringer into the flame, but I just couldn't get it to melt outside of the flame. I started to get the hang of that, but decided to ask my original teacher about it the next time I saw her... she suggested that I'm not getting the bead hot enough. So I made the adjustment & was only working with black as the base bead since you can see the temp. of the bead easier. But I must've gotten the bead too hot because when I'd place the streamer onto it it'd just keep going into the bead... no good. It's been real frustrating & I know many of you that come by my blog won't know or care what I'm talking about... but in case any beginners stop by I want them to know their not alone in their frustration. So I'll keep practice, practice, practicing & I know one day I'll be like "ah-ha!" I just wish it would've come sooner. Can you tell I've got a real issue with patience!


Tyler & Sheena said...

I love those beads. They look awesome!

Heather said...

You'll figure it out! You're awesome!

Suzanne said...

Those beads are just darling! Isn't it great how with practice we can get better at things? I'm like you, I have no patience! LOL! :D