Friday, July 27, 2007

Rainstorm and Flashback

The rain finally came... it's been trying to for the last couple of days here in Utah. We've had a lot of thunder and dark clouds, short sessions of sprinkling that has created humidity uncommon to Utah. Last night, though, it finally dumped last night. For a half hour it rained hard. Our streets, despite the steep hill, was like a river, the spout bubbler was overflowed (first picture) and our empty pool was now filled for us (the second picture), plus there was a waterfall coming from our rock wall turning our backyard into a river/swamp area. It was frustrating cause I couldn't work on my beads because the wind was cooling the glass too fast. Todd couldn't play his game because the satellite signal was destroyed by the forceful rain. Of course, our frustrations were so minor, I know there were people dealing with serious problems out there. Our neighbor's window was broken in because his window well was filled with water so much that the pressure was too much for the glass, so Todd went over to help them board it up. It's great timing, though, since I told my friend Heather I liked her idea of "Flashback Friday"... I have always loved lightening and thunderstorms. I grew up in a split entry so our house looked over those around us. On nights like last night we would turn out all the lights and watch the storm together. One time my mom turned on the Garth Brooks song "Thunder Rolls"... I didn't understand the words, which might've ruined the feeling, but the music created the perfect mood so much so that I'll never forget that night's atmosphere!

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