Monday, July 16, 2007

Liv's Birthday

So I'm finally getting around to letting you all know how super awesome mine & Liv's birthday party was! Okay, well in real life it was really all for her, but my name was on the announcements too ;) The theme was Princess! Of course it was, don't I just have the most pretty princess of all? (and just as spoiled ;)) Well, she loves Cinderella & I just thought that would be so perfect for her to get all dressed up. As the little girls came in they were also adorned with beautiful ribbon crown & the guys were given little swords that light up. At 7:30pm, just after cake & just before everyone could head to the desert buffet, Princess Cinderella called to wish Little Liv a happy birthday! She got all shy-like & was overwhelmed to hear this favorite person of hers on the phone. But shortly afterwards I said "was that Cinderella on the phone?" Then she gave me a great big smile & nodded her head... that's what I was waiting for! After we filled everyone with sugar, Liv was showered with gifts (some for me too, thanks!)... she was so excited for all the fun stuff she had to play with & the mom (me) was so grateful for the Dora movies especially since we have the four hour plane ride coming up! The pinata was a hoot & it just wouldn't be one of my parties w/out it! Although, this one was built real tough, so eventually Todd just ripped it open. I liked that every now and then a kid could just hit out a few, it made it last longer w/ excitement in between! It was a wonderful night & I'm grateful to all my friends that made the trip out to celebrate with us!


Suzanne said...

She looks so sweet all dressed up! I'm sad you won't be able to make it to the Blogfest, but maybe we'll do another one next year! Doing the activities in a ward is a huge job. Good luck! :)

Tyler & Sheena said...

Sounds like we missed out on a lot of fun. Gabby would have loved to go to a princess party. Sorry we couldn't make it.

tami and todd said...

Yeah, it was a blast Sheena & we did miss having you and the girls there... next time! Gabby's bday will be here before we know it, too!