Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Car Seat Safety 101

I can't tell you how uncomfortable it is finding out that your kids really aren't safe. We spend money on these car seats, but what's this... their faulty. True, nothing is so perfect, but it's an uneasy feeling thinking that all that preparation could be tossed out the window by chance in one . When I heard the news of the car seat tests in New York for the infant seats that use bases I was appalled to learn that 10 out of the 12 flew off their bases in a 35 mph collision (two or three others didn't even pass regulation but were already in circulation... WHAT!?!). I looked into it further... this isn't the exact site or article but it is the same topic just written by the consumer's union. My car seat is a Graco which I was happy to learn was one of the ones that didn't leave it's base. Still, I wasn't sure that the was the same so I removed the base from the car & now take the extra time to buckle his seat down directly with the seat belt. This little bit of extra inconvience has left me with a great deal of peace of mind! I'm bringing this all about today because this wonderful woman has made a pledge to donate $3 for each comment she gets on this post about Kyle. His story is touching & devestating. I can't begin to imagine loosing my children so I was glad to give my little post and help where I can. I'm not sure how long she'll be following the pledge, but still go check out this little video & leave a comment if you wish... And make sure you double check your car seats & all information you can find.

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