Thursday, January 4, 2007

Snow Fun!!

It's been a snowy snowy day here in Utah! As much as I don't like the snow I LOVE playing in it with my kids! So when Todd got home Liv and I bundled up to go play with him (actually he was shoveling, but we talked him into doing something more fun :)). I really love living on this hill cause during the winter it is perfect for sledding! It's great to go play in the snow then walk ten feet & be back in the warmth of my own house. Back when I was a kid my dad would drop my friend, usually Sheena, and myself off at the golf course where we'd stay until Dad came to pick us up. One time we had to go into one of the ponds to snag our snow tube that had gotten away from us... waiting for Dad that time was like ! What a memory! Anyways, Liv was a good sport & liked sledding this year... Gary probably thinks we're nuts!

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