Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Missing Mom

I haven't been able to post anything lately since I have been real focused on the whole potty training business with Liv. Well, and cause nothing real special has been happening...

Today Liv and I sat down and watched Ice Age The Meltdown (we had tried once before... we went to the dollar theatre where I thought it'd be safe to bring a two year old. People only pay a dollar to get in there so why would they be complaining, right!? Well, there was only one other family there & he was real impatient, so it wasn't a good experience). Liv loved watching Scrat and all his attempts to keep ahold of his acorn. She'd laugh and laugh at that little critter & I swear I could hear my mom laughing right along with her. See, my mom passed away when Liv was four months old from stupid Breast Cancer so they only got to know each other for a short time, which is real bad since Liv is a spitting image of my mom. Anyways, my mom, Suzanne, loved Ice Age and would laugh until tears came from her eyes. She had a very contagious laugh & I loved that she would just let it go on so far... she enjoyed things that much! So watching Liv laugh at something Mom loved as well and feeling my mom there laughing with us was a very spectacular moment... tiny mercies of our Lord!

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Fantastic Five said...

That is wonderful that you were able to share such an endearing moment with your daughter. When your daughter is old enough you will have to share it with her.