Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Let's Getaway!

Today has been a FANTASTIC day! I started out by working at the scrapbook store... where I finally broke down and spent most of my saved up store credit. Oops! What can I say, I have this now now now feature built into me where when I see something I really like I have to have it NOW NOW NOW! Anyways, it was mostly good... I just wish it would've been busier for my friends' wallet's sake! That's besides the point. After I got home my husband arrived shortly, from his not so wonderful day of shoveling mud off of the streats in Midvale since the city shut him down & wouldn't let him continue building until the mud was gone... it's not really his fault. Anyways, Todd presented me with a "present" inside was a DVD titled Carnival. I was not going to be so happy if he had broke the budget again to surprise me with an awesome vacation that he knows I've been craving since the day we got married... yes, he would do something like that, he's a sweetie... but also tight on the money, which is good! Fortunately it is a gift from his work! DP sets goals at the beginning of the year with awesome rewards for different levels of achievement... and my hard working husband & his associates earned a cruise. They did the same last year, but Todd & I weren't able to attend since Gary was making his debut into our lives at the same time. We are so stoked, and very grateful for the incredible people at DP that provide our family with so much! And, being the nerd I am, I am especially excited that I get to scrapbook a cruise page or pages... there are a whole lot of cute stuff for the likes & I haven't been able to use them yet, so YIPPEE!!!


Heather said...

Cool! I have wanted to go on a cruise for a long time too. I don't think it will happen any time soon.

Shannon Cook said...

I cannot believe you haven't told me about this! When do we leave and where are we going??? Just kidding - you are totally going to love it and you both deserve a get-a-way (even better when it's paid for by someone else)! Love you, Auntie Shannon

K young said...

I just wish you were going with us! But, then who would watch the munchkins? Tell me the date again-March 2nd?