Friday, January 12, 2007


So a couple of weeks ago I started smelling something odd while I was out driving.. . really stinky something. It was when the snow storms had started so I just assumed it was the "lake effect" (anyone living in salt lake valley knows that wonderful rotten egg stench that comes when a storm has passed over the Great Salt Lake before dumping on the valley). A couple days later, same thing. But then I noticed that the smell didn't extend past my vehicle. The smell thing became very disturbing to me at that moment. One day I mentioned to my husband that my engine smelt funny... he agreed & asked if I needed an oil change because it smelt like the engine was burning (that was as far as he went... Todd is not a mechanic by any means. Sure he can replace a flat tire lickety-split, but he'll take it somewhere for any other reason... so no opening the hood or anything like that, just the advice to get an oil change). By that point the smell wasn't of rotten eggs it really was the smell of something burning... bad! So I took it to get it's oil changed the next day. While the mechanic was giving me the run down on my engine and such I asked him if the engine smelt funny to him. He gave me a wierd look & said "yeah" then I asked him if he knew why... another weird look then he said "there's dog food on your engine." Shock swept over me & immediately I thought "Who is the stinker playing this gross prank on me?" So the guys vaccumed out as much as they could & that was that. UNTIL the smell came back strong again today. So I popped the hood & there was a replenished supply of dog food sitting on the engine. We figure there is some little creature that has taken up residence in our garage for the winter... he has it made, a container always full of dog food & a warm engine to snuggle up in... NO GOOD! So now we're taking measures to try to get rid of the situation. I totally feel for the little critter, but if only you could catch a wiff of my engine you'd say "Oh my...." and agree that drastic times call for drastic measures!


Heather said...

SICK! That's all I have to say! I hate rodents!

Shannon Cook said...

You gotta give the little rodent credit for being smart enough to find a warm new home complete with food...Thankfully it was only the dogfood and nothing more when you started up your engine. Otherwise THAT would have been a really nasty surprise for the mechanic!! Ugh.