Saturday, January 13, 2007

Pretty Princess

I thought this was so stinkin' cute... Liv loves stickers so her grandma Young gave her a coloring book loaded with stickers for Christmas. Inside was a demo of how to make a crown out of paper plates. She took the book to her dad, opened to that page, and started pointing at the crown. So Todd, being the wonderful Dad he is, got some paper plates & helped her put together a special crown & one for him too. I was sitting there on the couch the whole time & was amazed. How easy it would've been for him just to ask me to do it... say something like "you're the crafty one" but nope he just saw an oppurtunity to bond with his little princess and flew with it! So sweet!


Heather said...

That's awesome! My husband would have totally been like, "You're the crafty one, you help her." What a fun daddy!

K Young said...

Cute picture!
Love you!-Grandma