Monday, January 8, 2007


Potty training has become my least favorite challenge of being a mom. It's nuts... at least this experience with Liv has been. She has known of the potty and it's purpose for about a year now, she appeared to be ready a long time ago... it was the mom that was being too lazy. Well, after Christmas I was determined to get my potty trained (as my incentive we'd be able to take her on the Disney Cruise with us that I do plan on going on sometime in the near future). All started out real well. I showed her the big panties with Dora on them, she even got to try them on which made her grin from ear to ear. Things were great, she kept her "big diapers" (that's what we call training pants) dry & loved sitting on the potty... although she still hadn't gone pee-pee on the potty, it was like she'd hold it all day then let it out while she was sleeping... weird, but I realize this is a huge adjustment. But somewhere between then and today things have gone haywire. Somewhere in the potty training she picked up that the role of the potty was for wiping. So she'd go pee-pee in her big diaper then tell me she needed to sit on the potty & right away she'd want to wipe then say "All done!" So any advice from you moms and dads would be fantastic! Thanks!


Julie said...

Potty-training is my least favorite part of parenting too. One thing I've learned for what it's worth is to avoid the pull-ups. They just prolong the process. It's better to just go straight to the real underwear. It's harder on the Mom and you'll have more messes to clean up at first, but in the end, it's worth it because they understand the "consequences" of accidents much faster. At least that's the way it was with my 3 so far. Good luck!

Heather said...

I totally agree. Diapers today are too absorbent and too comfortable for the kid. They make it so that the kid doesn't relate the right feelings to the peeing. So take those pull-ups away, put her in underwear, plan to spend a week at home cleaning up messes! Best of luck. Potty training really is the worst thing a mom has to do!

Fantastic Five said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I have had so far one really good experience with potty training, and then one really frustrating experience.

My daughter we gave her tons of fluids, had her run around naked, and would take her at regular times for 2 days, and presto she was potty trained. Now we had a whole other issue in that when we were in public she was terrified of the restrooms.

My frustrating experience was with my son. At 2 yrs, he seemed ready, and I tried to push it, but had no luck. We had our 3rd right before he was 2 1/2, so I waited a couple of months again no luck. By this point he was bringing me a diaper to change him when he was wet or soiled. Part of the problem is he hated to be naked, and he wasn't too keen on the sticker chart until he saw his older sis getting things. I decided to not make it an issue until after he turned 3. Sure enough the day after his 3rd birthday, he started taking himself to the bathroom. He is now 3 1/2 and he has problems at night every so often.

If you can get rid of the pull-ups- with my son I think he realized he could go about his business without having to stop and go. We also had a slight control issue- he knew he could control peeing and pooping and NO ONE was going to make him go. With both of my children we used a sticker chart reward system. Also at the start we kept the sticker chart short- maybe 10 stickers to get a small reward like a dollar store toy, and then worked to a bigger chart.

Potty training is truely one of the hardest things a mom has to do.

Good luck!

tami and todd said...

Thanks for all of your advice you gals! I will let you know how next week goes cause we'll be switching to panties since I have learned from you moms and more that that is the best way to really teach your kids the whole deal. Plus, I think it'll go well since she has decided it's just okay to go in the pull-ups. Although, I am worried about the whole public bathroom deal since that's another part of our problem. Thanks again!