Thursday, January 11, 2007

More Presents!?!

A special note to my dear Aunt Shannon Cook... Grandma brought by the gift you sent up for me. First of all, you already spoiled me enough so stop it already! As you can see, though, I was not the one to open the present. Gary has gotten the hang of this whole present deal & he ripped right into that thing so fast! It was nuts, but he looked so stinkin' cute doing it... so I forgive him! Thanks for the stuff... it is good that we help however we can in the fight against Breast Cancer. I know I sure don't do my share... mostly I live in denile, at least for now. I thinking of that stupid stupid disease, I just... GRRR! Anyways, so here's to the super aunt & the adorable little boy!

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Shannon Cook said...

WHAT a complete cutie. Both kiddos just keep getting cuter and cuter every day!!! Gary has discovered early that opening the gifts is the best part of all. I cannot get over how BIG he is getting. Super Big Hug from Auntie Shannon