Monday, January 1, 2007

New Year's Eve

Last night was a lot of fun. We had friends over to play games... this is a very important factor for this special holiday. New Year's Eve is not among my favorite holidays, especially since I've become a mom that gets tired around 10p. Nonetheless, it is still to be observed if I want to remain normal! So we played games with Cory & Melissa Huff and Jared & April and their daughter Casaday. Liv & Casaday had so much fun playing together & were extra cute when it came to bed time. Yeah, I wasn't expecting to put her down on this very odd day, but she was wiped out! Liv was ready to sleep, but Casaday wanted to chit chat with her all keep on playing. I don't blame her cause if the situation was reversed there wouldn't even be any attempting to put Liv to bed at a friends house. The kids ended up watching a movie while the moms & dads played games (well, by then the mom's were playing a board game upstairs & the dads had escaped to the "man cave" in the basement to play Halo2!). At midnight there was kisses & then for real bed time!

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